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Neo Cubism / Transcubism

I define my work as Neo Cubism / Transcubism. Why? Because we all are living during the beginning of Transhumanism and my paintings have been created some 110 years after Cubism was founded. The roots of my art have been strongly influenced by Abstract Expressionism, Futurism and Cubism. Since 1908 things have really changed and just like the industrial revolution changed us into the modern human, so has the computer and the internet.

SEO is the vehicle of search on the World Wide Web. People, things and concepts need names and definitions to be found. Thus I have chosen Neo Cubism and Transcubism as names that explain the style of art I work in. My hope is that these explanations and names can help you understand and categorize where my art is “coming from” and, help you find my paintings easier on the web.

It started in high school with a combination of lot of sex and this one poster of a Dali painting that I never found the name of. I'll never forget seeing it in my girl friend's brother's room while Ian Curtis and Joy Division was slurring on about some Dead Souls or something:

“Where figures from the past stand tall
And mocking voices ring the halls
Imperialistic house of prayer
Conquistadors who took their share.”

After that afternoon of skipping school for sex I could not stop listening to JD and combing through Dali's art books and my girl friend's brain in the art section of my high school library.

So Yeah, my first version of this document was all aimed at being SEO friendly and making up some jackassery about the “True definition” of what the hell Neo Cubism might mean.

Simply put it is my band genre, like Duran Duran was labeled New Romantic. If you are here and have read this far down the page then you qualify for labeling my work anything you want....until someone gives me money to say that their explanation is right and then that right goes to the highest bidder.

If you would like a brief overview of what of Cubist art looks like, then this link is a general fun reference.

Paul Cézanne

Since Paul Cézanne was the father of Cubism, I have to bow my head to one of the Master Mavericks of 20th century art. He didn't really influence my work directly but he absolutely influenced my heroes! Images of Paul Cézanne's art courtesy of Philadelphia Museum of Art © 2019


I already told you about Dali being my first influence, I am also sure you know what his work looks like, melting clocks and hallucinations with heavy catholic overtones. If you are interested here is a link to his website. I don't mean brush him off but I think everyone that has been into art since the 40's has been influenced by him and Picasso.

Speaking of Picasso, my second discovery in art was laughing out loud at how insipid I thought Picasso was. In my high school library I discovered a large thick book that I could swear had never been opened before. On the canvas covered book was scrawled Picasso in blue lettering . I remember thinking how passé his Rose and Blue period were...BORING! Why is this guy such great artist? So I stared nicking the book and stopped on a painting entitled: Seated Bather, 1930. I sort of remember being stunned by the the bather's face, especially the mouth. The first though I had was, this guy is way more twisted then Dali! I mean at least Dali seemed to have one foot in the imitation of a reality I could relate to. But where the HELL is this Picasso guy coming from? Comics? But alas I didn't read much of anything in those days and even if I had African masks would never have been my guess.

photo of a painting entitled Seated Bather by Pablo Picasso, year 1930. A cubist abstrated portrait of a nude female sitting on the shore, blu and tan. It is sparse and geometric
Pablo Picasso’s painting of the Seated Bather was a portrait of his first wife Olga Khokhlova.